Virtual Consulting by The Hour

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If your eyes hurt when you go to your Documents, Desktop or Photos, then this service is for you. Keeping order on your computer is essential to productivity and peace of mind. You will learn how to save, sort and simplify your files. You will be empowered to know what to save, how to save it and where to find it later!


Always feel like you are running out of time; not getting what you wanted to accomplish done during the work day? Learn to do less and get more done! Katrina's knowlege of the Entrepreneurial Time System and David Allen's GTD methodology will change your relationship with time and mastery of it.


Most people do not keep consistent to-do lists. They start and stop them, buy new planners, download the latest apps and start new notebooks. Shortly after, people find that these attractive list tools don't ensure their to-dos get done. Through focused coaching, Katrina will teach you the tracking system she uses with her VIP clientele. You will maintain to-dos with a seamless trusted system that encourages follow through.


Whether you are familiar with the term Zero Inbox or not, it is possible for anyone with an email address to feel on top of email. Stop just checking your inbox and learn how to process it. Together you and Katrina will clean up old messages, create folders and learn a new method for email management that will change your life.


Have your business systems been revised for efficiency and effectiveness? Whether you are a one person entrepreneur or in growth mode, adding multiple employees and having your backend systems in order will take your company to the next level. From capturing leads to sending thank you notes, Katrina will create a custom business workflow that doesn't miss a beat!


Finding yourself getting caught in the daily to-dos of your business? Just because it is on a list, doesn't mean you have to be the one doing it. Learn to leverage your team and gain control of your day by letting go! Katrina's delegation strategies will free you up to work on your true talents, while growing your business.


Ready to hire an assistant or already have someone on your team who is not utilized to his/her full potential? Katrina has hired for celebrities and Fortune 500 companies. She will help you define your ideal team roles and responsibilities so that you feel fully suppported.


Ever wonder how it would impact your life if it went from messy to orderly? It has been said that the key to freedom is order. Get the secrets to living an organized life so you can be prepared, punctual, and peaceful. Learn how Katrina stays on top of her life so she can be spontaneous. She'll help you form the habits that keep your space beautiful and functional!